Ceramic Fiber Board-1260C-1430C

The ceramic fiber board doesn't only posses the same function of fiber but also has hard texture excellent toughness and intensity and excellent fiber resistant and heat preservation...

North Refractories Co. Ltd.  is a manufacturer of ceramic fiber board, adopting corresponding spun fiber  (COM.ST.HA.HP.HZ)  as the raw materials ,are produced by vacuum formed technology, The ceramic fiber board doesn’t only posses the same function of fiber but also has hard texture excellent toughness and intensity and excellent fiber resistant and heat preservation. NRCL supply ceramic fiber board which are made of different refractory fiber bulks with excellent chemical stability, organic and inorganic bond by wet method and vacuum forming processing which is applicable to many kinds of industries .The fiber board with a characteristics of hard, flexible, excellent strength and resistance against corrosion

Product characteristics of Ceramic Fiber Board

Low heat storage –  Wide bulk density, 250-400kg/m3  -Variety grades, the boards can be classified by temperature to be 1100ºC-1430ºC –Low thermal conductivity and shrinkage  –  Excellent resistance against chemical attack – Easy to machined, cut and install


Ceramic Fiber Board Product Applications:

Furnace constructions: Liners of industrial furnaces, masonry insulation layer
High-temperature equipment insulation:  Kin liner, kiln cars, door baffles of  high-temperature furnace.

Standard Specifications

Density: 250-400 kg/m3        Temperature Grade: 1260 -1350 -1430     Size: 900x600x 5-50mm     1000x500x 25-50mm
Packing:  Carton Box             *** Non Standard sizes are available on your requests   

Typical Application

Heat insulation for back lining of high temperature industrial furnace
Hot surfaces of industrial furnaces, electric furnaces, porcelain furnace, heat treatment furnace, mechanical and metallurgical heat furnace
Combustion chamber construction
Ceramic industry (kiln linings, kiln car insulation)
Glass industry
(Glass tank wall, side, end wall and port neck insulation)
Ducts insulation
As heat shields and insulation for furnace door
Back up in steel ladle and torpedo cars
Flue and chimney linings
As a noncombustible material for building structures

Grade1000 Board1260 Board1400 Board1600 Board1700 Board1800 Board
Continuous working Temperature°C85011001200150016001700
Chemical CompositionAl2O3%40.14452647286
Densitykg/m 3250; 280; 300; 350; 400;350; 400400;500400;500
Thermal Conductivity
W/(m. K)
ModulusofRupturekg/cm 2555888
Standard SizemmLength  WidthThickness


Thermal Ceramics Fiber Insulation 

Soluble  Fiber AES Insulation Blanket 

1700-1900C high temperature board