Ceramic fiber board ultra high temperature

NR Ultra High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Board and vacuum shaped insulation products is a high temperature insulation materials which are made by different fire-resistant fibers, non-organic and few organic adhesive mixed in different percentages, which performs with exceptional stability at high temperatures with its polycrystalline mullite fiber content, it has a high rupture and compressive strength at room temperature. The application temperature of these products can be varied from 1500℃to 1800℃. Please contact us for more detail information.


Ultra high temperature ceramic fiber board Features

◆Smooth surface and Lightweight

◆Low impurity, even bulk density and thickness

◆Excellent mechanical strength and structural    


◆Strong pressive strength

◆Low thermal conductivity and Low shrinkage

◆Resistant airspeed eroding

◆High plasticity to make complex shape

◆Lightweight and easy to cut or install

◆Good erosion resistance

◆Shorter heat up and cool down time

◆Asbestos free

◆Light weight

Applicationhigh temperature board

◆Heat insulation for back lining of high temperature

    industrial furnace

◆ Hot surfaces of industrial furnaces, electric

    furnaces, porcelain furnace,heat treatment furnace,     mechanical and metallurgical heat furnace

◆Combustion chamber construction

◆Ceramic industry (kiln linings, kiln car insulation)

◆ Glass industry (Glass tank wall, side, end wall and        port neck insulation)

◆Ducts insulation

◆As heat shields and insulation for furnace door

◆ Back up in steel ladle and torpedo cars

◆Flue and chimney linings

◆As a noncombustible material for building


Ultra high temperature ceramic fiber board

Standard Dimension

 1000×600×6-50mm , 1200×1000×25-50mm 900×600×6-50mm,  1100×700×10-50mm

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