Ceramic fiber board ultra high temperature

Send Email Now NR-Ultra high temperature board and vacuum shaped insulation products is a high temperature insulation materials which are made by different fire-resistant fibers, non-organic and few organic adhesive mixed in different percentages, which performs with exceptional stability at high temperatures with its polycrystalline mullite fiber content, it has a high rupture and compressive strength at room temperature. The application temperature of these products can be varied from 1500℃to 1800℃. Please contact us for more detail information.

Ultra high temperature fiber board Features

  • High temperature stability, good performance against heat shock and erosion.
  • Low heat capacitance, low thermal conductivity.
  • Hard and high internal adhesive strength allow it with good performance for machining and cutting.
  • Can have direct contact with flame, easy for installation and use.
  • Different dimension can be available

Application scope:

  • Ceramic industry: kiln liner, kiln car
  • Glass industry
  • Piping heat insulation, common heat resisting material
  • Other high temperature insulation