We manufacture high quality kiln insulating firebricks (IFB) with competitive prices, and for regular products we make stock: Insulating Firebricks of2300°F, Insulating Firebricks of2600°F, Insulating Firebricks of2800°F. Standard size straight IFB are available in both 2.5 inches and 3 inches thickness! Kiln insulation bricks are important high temperature insulation products for many industrial applications, Their typical characters are as below

High heat resistant and durability, Excellent resistance to thermal shock
Low thermal conductivity and heat storage
Excellent construction strength and flexural strength.
Particularly suited to highest temperature applications above 1600°C

Kiln insulating firebricks are ideal energy saving products for industrial furnaces and kilns, such as in Ceramics industry, Glass making industry, Aluminum, Iron & Steel industry,. Typical applications for kiln insulating firebrick s include: lining and back lining of various furnaces in the industry of metallurgy, petrochemical, ceramics, machinery and building materials. Insulating Firebrick (IFB) can be used in applications like:

Cracking Furnace; Conversion Furnace
Heating equipment or Heating Furnace, Heat-processing Furnace
Hot Blast Stove
Resistance Furnace
Tunnel Kiln,Shuttle Kiln,Bell-cover Kiln,Glass-pool Kiln etc
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