NRCL High Temperature Alumina Fiber Boards 

High temperature boards are rigid and self-supporting used at a temperature of 1600-1800°C, which is made from alumina fiber with unique forming technology and treatment process, offer exceptional high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity at elevated temperature. Available in various compositions, densities and sizes, additional hardness and strength can be reached with post treatments.

Application Temperature:1700°C, 1750°C, 1800°C
Exceptional thermal stability
Low thermal conductivity
Low heat storage
Good flexural and compressive strength
Close tolerance with excellent surface finish
Easy to cut, drill or saw.
Polycrstalline Fiber Board

Ceramic Fiber Board 1800C-1900C


Availabilities   Thickness: 25-125mm   Typical Dimension: 900 x 600mm or 1000 x 600 mm

Applications   High temperature furnace linings   /   Industrial kiln or lab testing kilns    /  Combustion chamber insulation

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