Exhibition Introduction

“TIM Expo 2012 The 10th Shanghai International Insulating Materials Expo” came to a successful end in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, and attracted exhibitors from 31 countries and regions as America, Germany, Britain, France, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Czech,Slovenia,Singapore, China mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and etc. As the first expo in the insulation materials industry of China, it attracts participations of famous domestic and international enterprises on rock wool, mineral wool, glass fiber, phenol foam insulation; Grade A fire and heat insulation boards and etc. It is also the most influential event of thermal insulation industry supported by the long term corporation with well-known enterprises as: Beijing New Building Materials, GAMMA MECCANICA S.p.A., Termolife S.R.O., Shanghai ABM Rock Wool, Zoch Constrction, Hebei Shenzhou, Hebei Guomei, Leasty Chemical, Loyal (Ningbo), Stm Environmental Protection Technologies, Polyon Barkai Industries, Qingdao Qingli, Victor Advanced Material, Zhongji Machinery, Knauf Insulation, Asahi Fiber Glass Insulation, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, Pyrotek.Inc, Izoteh D.O.O., Dynea (Nanjing), Enetex, Shengquan Chemical, Sinoma Science & Technology, Hebei Huanengzhongtian, Beijing Lions Hi-Tech and etc., which creates the high-level platform of China and international thermal insulation products and technology and devices.

The expo has become the leader of thermal insulation materials exhibitions in China with the leap development in the past decade, which is the largest and most influential and professional event with the greatest industrial appeal. The previous expos gathers Chinese and international famous producers and distributing companies of thermal insulation material as rock wool, glass fiber, phenolic heat preservation, vacuum insulation board, PU heat preservation, foam glass, A level fire insulation board and etc. It also attracts the participation and attention of many real estate developers, construction companies, design institutes, distributors, related research organization, government department and professional Medias

Exhibits Profile

Inorganic insulating materials

Inorganic insulating materials: heat insulating materials such as rock (mineral) wool, glass wool, alumino-silicate fibre etc., hard thermal insulating materials, such as expanded perlite, calcium silicate, foam glass etc., wall heat preservation materials, plastic and rubber foaming materials, extruded (expanded) polystyrene, phenolic foam, polyurethane heat preservation materials, heat preservation coatings etc., asbestos products and foam asbestos, ground buried pipe, external thermal insulating materials such as aluminum foil; thermal insulating panels, such as color steel plate and related equipments.

Organic insulating materials: Phenolic foam, polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam plastic, foam resin, foam rubber, Gaisu insulation board; cork, carbonized wood, soft fiber type (wood fiber, grass fiber, rice husk board, bagasse board );

Metal Insulating Materials: Insulation integrated board with metal finishes; aluminum foil, foil, etc.;

Equipment Area

Insulating material production equipment;
Lightweight insulating sheet and related equipment;
Mortar spraying equipment;
Polyurethane spraying equipment;
anti-corrosion insulation equipment

Wall, roof insulation area ( surface )
fireproof isolation belt area; pipe insulation material; air conditioning and air duct insulation Pavilion; steel insulation system Pavilion; electrical insulation section;

Sound insulation and sound-absorbing material
sound absorption, sound insulation wall, door window insulation; sound insulation cover, sound insulation, sound insulation, sound insulation barrier felt seals, automotive insulation material; sound absorption board, hanging sound absorbing body, fiber sound-absorbing material, sound absorption cotton, sound absorbing wallpaper, suction ( septal ) tone paint.

Building energy saving technology
within the external wall insulation system ( external ), new energy-saving doors and windows and walls, gypsum board, light partition board, light composite heat insulation block, hollow glass brick, the new structure system of steel structure, prestress technology, new technology and new materials and new equipment.