Power Plant Refractories and Thermal Insulations

In terms of power generation, refractory and insulation materials are often installed to help manage the heat output involved in the process. Boilers used to extract energy from coal are lined with high strength refractories to protect against consistent use and thermal shock.  North Refractories Co.Ltd offers a variety of unshaped refractories and high temperature insulation materials to meet the toughest applications for the power generation industry.

Refractories for Power Plants are subject to the following challenges:

  1. Severe Abrasion Resistance.
  2. High level of Corrosion / Sulphur attack.
  3. High Thermal Spalling.
  4. Carbon Monoxide attack.
  5. Alkali attack.

    thermal insulation materials for power plant

    thermal insulation materials for power plant

We find the solutions for our clients from over the world……

Our thermal insulation materials ranges from calcium silicate board & pipes to ceramic fiber insulation materials,  the refractory bricks ranges from high strength /shock resistance bricks to super performance refractory castable.

Please review our refractory products for common energy applications. If you have a question about a product or an application not listed on our site, please contact us today!

Here below are more industries we focus on the refractory and hot insulation materials supply.

– iron & Steel Manufacturing Plant
– Refinery, petrochemical plant-
– Precision chemical plant
– Petroleum plant
– Power plant (Nuclear, thermal, co-generation)
– Ship building plant

– Incineration facility
– Liquefied natural gas plant  –
Heat and cold insulation
– Insulation of thermal steam line
– Insulation of thermal electric line
– Insulation of soundproofing
– Special insulation (hanger building for nuclear power plant)
– Refractory sheath (Equipment, Skirt, Pipe rack etc)
– Construction of furnace (Refractory bricks, Ceramic fiber)