North Refractories Co.Ltd manufacture top quality Calcium Silicate Blocks that are well reckoned for high thermal efficiency of flexible insulation. Our Calcium Silicate Insulation Blocks are manufactured from the optimum quality raw materials ASTM C 533-90 and related national standards. We offer various size and dimensions Calcium Silicate Insulation Blocks to match the requisites of the clients.

 Feature of our Calcium Silicate Insulation Blocks :

Rigid & Light Weight & Good strength (Density 240 kg/M3)
1000C and 1100C are available
Different Package available
Light Blue or While color to be choose
Fire resistant
Low specific Heat
Long life

Applications of Calcium Silicate Insulation Blocks : 

Cement: – Preheaters/Precalciners, Coolers, TAD etc.
Aluminium: – Reduction pots, Other Thermal Process Equipment
Glass: – Furnace, Recuperators, Annealing etc.
Steel: – Various types of furnaces as refractory back up.
Power Plants: – Boilers, Steam Lines, Recuperators etc.
Fertilizers :- Reformers, Steam Lines, Furnaces,
Petrochemicals Incinerators, High Temp. Equipments, & Refineries. Hot Gas & Chemical lines etc.
Ceramic: – Tunnel kilns.
Ship Building: – Boilers, Turbines, Steam Lines, Fuel Gas ducts etc.
Chemicals: – Boilers, High Temp. Reactors, Fuel Gas ducts, Steam/ Thermic fluid lines, Dryers, Furnaces etc.
Others: – Significant fuel saving can be obtained in Sugar Mills, Foundries Rolling Mills and other industries, which use thermal equipments at High Temperature.