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Best-wool  Insulation’s series of industrial and refractory products have been designed for medium to high temperature applications,  we provides industrial insulation solutions for all kinds of industrial furnace and equipment–Acoustic and thermal industrial insulation including innovative cryogenic insulation.where personnel protection, reduced energy loss and noise dampening are required. Applications typically include insulation for process vessels, tanks and piping.

  Industrial Insulation

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  Materials solution for Insulation Works

  • Installations to bulkheads, deck heads and pipe work in the marine industry.
  • The insulation of pipe work including brine lines, chilled water refrigeration pipe work, steam lines and hot water pipes.
  • The insulation of vessel such as boilers, bring tanks, roads and rail tankers and wine tanks.
  • The manufacture and insulation of air conditioning duct work.
  • Acoustic insulation to enclosures, plant rooms, machinery and pipe work.
  • Insulation to cryogenic equipment and food processing equipment.
  •  Fabrication and installation of removable heat covers.
  • All Aspects of domestic and commercial building insulation.

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