Z-Block-ceramic fiber modules

 Z-Block-ceramic fiber module is made from  ceramic fiber blanket stacked with cut edges exposed, a lining system designed for high temperature furnaces that require corrosion barriers on the shell. ceramic fiber modules are held to the steel casing by stainless steel studs that are welded to the shell before a protective coating is applied.They are designed to meet the thermal insulation requirements of high temperature furnaces.which are cheaper and easier to install and maintain, much widely used in high temperature furnace and oven insulation.

Characteristics of ceramic fiber module

Low thermal conductivity & heat storage –  High temperature stability   -Resistance to thermal shock & chemical attack
To be secured by concealed anchor    – Greater mechanical strength  – Resistance to gas flow erosion
Shorter heat up and cool down time  – Flexible and easy to cut or install  -Selection of attachment designs

The expansion of module make furnace lining be seamless and can make up the shrinkage of fiber furnace lining to improve heat insulation Excellent tensility, after the construction of furnace lining is completed; The module is at the pre-compressed state;
Lightweight & Asbestos free

Typical Application of Ceramic fiber module

Insulation of furnace lining in petrochemical industry  -(Heating, Reformer, Cracking Furnace)   – furnace lining in metallurgy industry   -furnace lining in ceramics (Shuttle kilns, Tunnel kilns, Kiln cars)     – Insulating of furnace lining in glass industry
Insulation of furnace lining for heat treatment furnace in heat treatment industry     -Material of furnace lining for Heating, Forging, Annealing Furnaces   -Iron and Steel Industry: Reheating furnace, Multi and single stack coil annealing furnaces, Transfer ladle lids, Continuous annealing and coating furnaces, Roll furnace.     -Waste heat recovery units, Combustion Chambers, Boiler ductwork.

Classification Temperature : 1260°C, 1400°C, 1430°C, 1500°C, 1600°C
Size: 300mm x 300mmx (100-300mm) (Thickness)
Anchoring parts: Common heat-resistant steels include SUS304 and SUS310 heat-resistant boiler
Package: Components are packed into carton or stockpiled on pallet and wrapped with plastic films.

*Custom sizes available upon request
*Z-Block modules are available upon request