Ceramic fiber products include a wide ranges materials which are ideal hot insulation lining materials for all kinds of industrial furnaces, ovens and kilns.  Ceramic fiber products include ceramic fiber bluk, blankets, boards, modules, blocks, papers, ropes, yarns, braids, cloth, tapes & sleeving.
Ceramic fiber products can be used at a wide ranges of high temperature conditions ranging from 900°C to 1600°C. Spun ceramic fibers are the most common types, while the other type is blowing ceramic fibers, for more high temperature ploycrystal mullite fibers must be use to make blankets, boards and other shaped products.
Presently  ceramic fibers are still the main steam for high temperature insulation materials, however non-refractory fiber are more and more popular along with the ecology developing.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket 
Density  64 kg/m3  to 160 kg/m3 ; Standard Size:  3600 x 610 x 50mm ,7200 x 610 x 25mm,14400 x 610 x 12.5 mm.
Temperature Grade:  1260°C -1600°C

Ceramic Fiber  Bulk:    1260C-1430C-1500C-1600C, chopped type and spun type.  20kg/bag.

Ceramic Fiber Board:   Different Temperature Grades
Standard Grade (STD):    1260°C (2300 F)  ;  High- Purity Grade (HP):  1260 °C(2300F) 
Zirconium Grade (HZ):     1430°C (2600F)  ;   Ultra High Temp Grade [UH] :  1600°C- 1900°C

Ceramic Fiber Modules: size:  300mm x  300mm x 300 mm ;  300 mm x 300mm x 200 mm… customized size available

Ceramic Fiber Paper:   size:  1mm, 2mm, 3 mm, 4mm, 5 mm, 6 mm;

Ceramic Fiber Textiles:  ceramic fiber ropes, ceramic fiber cloth, ceramic fiber t

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Refractory ceramic fiber insulation material includes many different types and temperature grades. Here below you may find the typical products and most popular ceramic fiber refractory materials used in different industrial furnaces and equipment.