Sillimanite Bottom Blocks

Sillimanite refractory bricks are manufactured from a high alumina composition for glass and non-glass contact use. Many sizes and shapes are available. Some pieces can be precision ground with tighter tolerances according to the customer’s drawings and detailed requests. Products include gate blocks, sleeves, needles, orifice rings, burner inserts, bowls, bushings, flue blocks, stirrer covers, vent electrode blocks, crucibles and electrode protection sleeves.  The products have features ofŸ High refractoriness and Thermal shock resistance. Synthesized Mullite bottom blocks are used at the bottom of glass furnaces to moisturizer,The sizes of the tank big blocks could be up to 1000*500*200mm, alumina contents range from 54% to 67%.

Typical Applications: Mainly used in the blast furnace, wind pipe of blast heating cupola, lime kiln, discharging channel and cover board of glass melting kilns.