Cheapest Rate Zirconia Bricks from North Refractories Co. LTd. – Beijing, China

High densed zircon brick has the advantage of mechanical strength, excellent stability of thermal shocking and resistance to corrosion of glass liquid. It is used in soda-lime glass kiln as neutral brick,skew brick etc.It is suitable for paving and sub paving, channel blocks as well as sidewall of meter of glass fiber furnace and floating glass tanks

NR-65 mainly used in upper area of flame space or frequent thermal shock region of alkali-free or low-alkali glass, sodium-calcium glass, boron-silicate glass, lead glass and other technical glass melting furnace, such as transition region between up roof silica brick and fusion zirconia-corundum brick or fusion zirconia-mullite brick, transition region between silica brick and magnesia brick, crown, burner, thermal couple, peep hole, secondary layer of melter bottom and its back its back lining, and also used in ladle lining for metallurgical industry.

NRHZ-65 mainly used in glass contact portion of alkali free or low-alkali glass melting furnace, especially some special region of glass tank, such as paving part and secondary layer of paving bottom, wall and bottom of forehearth, flowing spout and spinning portion and melter, back lining of forehearth, and also used in lining of other quality glass furnace and special glass furnace with high corrosion resistance, such as boron silicate glass, ceramic glass, low-alkali or other technical glass.