Insulating Firebricks

What is Mullite Insulating Firebrick

Mullite Insulating fire bricks are usually divided into two main types, general ones with a character of light weight and soft which have better advantages of insulation, while another type is with better cold crushing strength for better constructions. The insulating firebricks color vary to be different , but most often they are white and light brown. As the insulating firebricks body are made of tiny air space similar to honeycomb that the bricks have a excellent insulating properties.

Where Insulating Firebricks are used.

light weight firebricks are used in a wide ranges industrial furnace and kilns , and also used on the hobby kilns heated up with either electric spiral elements or gas burners, they can be used for hot face furnace lining or outer back-up heat lining insulation, mullite Insulating bricks are also refractory materials as they can resist a very high temperature, but the difference between IFB and dense refractory firebricks is that they have a very low thermal conductivity and don’t absorb the heat well at all, it is why they are ideal materials for heat insulation application, so if you use the insulating bricks rightly at the outer side of the heavy firebricks walls, vault or under the floor bricks and slab , it will keep the heat in its chamber body mass from escaping, in this way it can save energy efficiently.

NR insulating firebricks products ranges

A series insulating firebricks
B series insulating firebricks
C series insulating firebricks
High aluminum insulating bricks
Fire clay insulation bricks
Silica insulating refractory bricks

Insulation Bricks Typical Dimensions

230 x 114 x 64 mm ;   230 x 114 x 76 mm.
250 x 124 x 64 mm;   250  x 124  x 76 mm.

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