Low Porosity Fireclay Bricks

 This series of products are made of super calcined flint  clay and calcined bauxite,with high pressure formed and high  temperature sintered. Due to its low apparent prosity, strong  resistance to erosion and high refractoriness under load, they  are widely used in various furnaces, especially suitable to the  middle and low parts of regenerator in glass furnaces

Low Prosity Fireclay Brick for glass furnaces Features :– Low porosity  -High bulk density.  – Good Cold Crushing strength.   – High refractoriness under load.   – High mechanical strength.- Good resistance to erosion.

Items /GradesN-GF10N-GF12N-GF15N-GF18
Al2O3, %  45454242
Refractoriness , 1750175017501750
RUL, 0.2Mpa Ta()   1500147014501400
PLC % (1400×2h )-0.1/ 0.05  -0.1/ 0.05  -0.2 /0-0.4 /0
A.P. , %    10121518
CCS,Mpa    70656048
B.D, g/cm3      2.42.352.32.25
PCE,(SK)   35353535