Dense Silica Brick for Glass Furnace

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NR silica brick for glass kiln has the characteristics of high purity, high density, high strength and high soft, high refractoriness.
It also has the ability of resistance to acidic and alkalic steam attack with high performance of flushing resistance.

The operating equipment and the operating procedures guarantee manufacture of silica bricks with excellent stability, defined mineralogical composition and high stability under high temperature and pressure stresses. The main areas of use for silica bricks are coke oven plants (oven floor, heating wall, oven roof and the upper regeneration layers), the superstructure of glass melters (and where required also in the upper structure of the re-generator) and  in the high temperature areas of hot blast stoves.

In glass industry, it is mainly used to build the doghouse crown, suspended wall of channel, top crown and inlet sealing.

For coke oven–being the partition walls in coke oven carbonization and burning chamber;

Inmetallurgy industry: used as refractories for steel making open hearth regenerator, slag pocket, soaking pit;
Arch crown and other weight bearing areas in ceramic kilns, hot blast furnace and acid open hearth;

To be used to build the checker chamber, chute, combustion chamber, coking chamber and furnace arch in glass melting furnaces.

Silica Brick Features

High silicon oxide content    |   Acid erosion resistance  |   No shrinking in reheating  |  High grade refractoriness

ItemSilica Brick for Glass Kiln
SiO2                           %≥96≥95
Fe2O3                          %≤0.6≤0.8≤1.0
Melting Index                    %≤0.7
Apparent Porosity                 %≤21≤22
True Density                    g/cm3≤2.34
Cold Crushing Strength            Mpa≥40≥30
Refractoriness Under Load (0.2Mpa)  ℃≥1680≥1670≥1660≥1650
Residual Quartz                   %≤3.0
Permanent Linear Change (1450℃*2h) %0-0.2


Except the silica brick, we have a full solution for glass melting furnaces for the refractory bricks like
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