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To pour the molten aluminium from melting or holding furnaces for aluminium casting, some units use tap hole block, which is sealed with Tap Out Cone. NR tap out cone is made from high purity alumina silicate fibers mixing with inorganic binders by vacuum forming process, our product provide  Good Thermal Insulation, Smooth Surface, Right […]

The standard sizes for North Refractory-NR ceramicf fiber blanket are as following: 13mmx610mmx14400mm, 25mmx610mmx7600mm, 38mmx610mmx5000mm, 50mmx610mmx3600mm, There are mainly two kinds of packing method for NR ceramic fiber blankets.  One is by woven bags, the other is by cartons. One 20 feet container which is also called 20GP, at most can contain 225 rolls NR […]