23Dec 2017

Thermal Blanket insulation • High Temperature Blanket Insulation NR® Blanket Insulation is the high temperature insulation solution on the insulation area of all types of industrial boiler and furnaces, the best insulation features of NR®  blanket drastically lower operation costs, shorten down time, save valuable energy, improve the work environment and reduce labor costs, NR® Blanket Insulation […]

03May 2016

 Power Plant Refractories and Thermal Insulations In terms of power generation, refractory and insulation materials are often installed to help manage the heat output involved in the process. Boilers used to extract energy from coal are lined with high strength refractories to protect against consistent use and thermal shock.  North Refractories Co.Ltd offers a variety of unshaped […]

29Apr 2016
refractories installation

Acoustic and thermal insulation product research and manufacturing services Acoustic insulation contractors Aircraft structural equipment and components Asbestos removal contractors Braided rope Braided rope, insulating, mineral fibre Building board Building board, reinforced calcium silicate Building insulation and weather-proofing contractors Calcium silicate bricks Calcium silicate bricks, slabs, sections and powder Calcium silicate products Calcium silicate products, […]

26Apr 2016

Fiber Glass Insulation Pipe Insulations (factory/speciatly/jacketing) Blanket/Board (faced/unfaced) Duct Wrap Pipe/Tank Wrap (ASJ/FSK) Duct Liner Duct Board Preformed Fittings Air Handling Systems Polyvinly Encapsulation 20-sided insulation for oval and spiral duct Adhesives, Mastics, Coatings and Sealants Fire-resistance Coatings Vapor Barriers Weather Barriers Finish Coatings Duct Liner Adhesive Coated Cement Silicone Caulking Mineral Wool Insulations Pipe […]

26Apr 2016
refractories installation

Our Projects team have good experience for the following items:  High Alumina Bricks,  Fireclay bricks, Fused Cast AZS bricks,  Insulation bricks, Mullite bricks, MgO bricks,  SiC bricks,  Castable, Motars .Polyurethane   Rockwool   Calcium Silicate    Ceramic Fiber    Foamglass    Styrofoam    Glasswool    Perlite…… there are more. In a word we mainly focus on two […]

07Nov 2015

I.    Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation Ceramic fiber blanket insulation products are manufactured from alumina-silica materials and offer such characteristics as high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, excellent thermal shock resistance, light weight, and superior corrosion resistance. ceramic fiber products exhibit thermal stability at temperatures up to1260°C(2300°F). Ceramic fiber blanket and mat product family […]