How to Cut Energy Consumption of Industrial Furnace ? Want Healthy Insulation Blanket ? Soluble Fiber Blanket (S1000) telling the story…

Next generation heat insulating materials save energy consumption outstanding in metal processing and healthy for human body.

Nowadays high energy prices and the requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are driving companies in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals industries to review all aspects of their energy use. One key area is the efficiency of the refractory and insulating systems in their high temperature processing equipment.

For many years, most industrial furnaces were lined with dense monolithic or conventional firebrick. These offer long life and good resistance to chemical attack but are less efficient as insulators than many of the newer materials available today.

A wide variety of alternative lining products are now available for thermal processing equipment, including continuous heat treating furnaces, steel reheat furnaces, and forge furnaces.

North Refractories Co ,Ltd has launched one new type of bio-soluble  high temperature thermal insulation blankets, offers key advantages over all other high temperature fiber products currently available. This kind of insulation blanket wool is 15 percent more energy efficient than traditional insulation wool, most important it is healthy for human body.

Soluble Fiber Blanket (S1000)

SuperBio  soluble fiber blanket is produced by high purity raw materials, such as SIO2,CAO,MGO,with good thermal performance, can be used in many working environments. And available in a wide range of density and size. The continuous working temperature is about 1000℃-1050℃.

Characteristics of soluble Fiber Blanket
Low thermal storage   * High temperature stability *    Resistance to thermal shock * High tensile strength, flexible and resilient
Excellent thermal insulating properties

Typical Applications for Soluble Fiber Blanket  
Furnace, kiln, reformer and boiler linings
Furnace door linings and seals
High temperature gasketing
Thermal reactor insulation
Pipe, duct and chimney insulation
Mold wrapping
High temperature filtration

Standard Density: 96kg/m3(6pcf); 128kg/m3(8pcf)
Standard Thickness:12.5mm(1/2’’),25mm(1’’),38mm(1-1/2’’),50mm(2’’)
Standard Width:610mm(24’’),1220mm(48’’)
Standard Package: Carton or Bag 

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