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There are 7 steps for Basic process controls for Insulating Firebricks   1. Raw material control  2..Forming 3. Drying 4. Firing 5.Cutting   6. Package 7. Shipping 1. All raw materials should be tested before using at internal or external laboratory Routine testing includes: particle size analysis, white analysis, chemical analysis, water analysis, specific gravity analysis, viscosity […]

As an ideal insulation materials, insulating firebricks are widely used in many kinds of high temperature industries such as all kinds of tunnel kilns , roller kilns, petrochemical industry, Metallurgical industry, holding furnace in alumina industry, heat processing, glass industry. Samples of application of IFB bricks.   Insulating firebrick is used in ceramic industry in […]

Light Insulaing FireBrick whose full name is mullite insulating firebrick, was created in last century. Since it was invented light weight insulating firebrick has been a kind of widely used industrial insulation product ,it has solved two big problems in high temperature industry named  high-temperature erosion  and  hemical attack , so till now the light weight […]