High Alumina Refractory Cement

I Introduction
High alumina refractory cement is a hydraulic cementing material with mixing  the power of calcium aluminates and clinker with Al2o3 50% up and down. It has other names of ‘high alumina cement’ and ‘aluminous cement’, the main composition of high alumina cement clinker are CA and CA2 with a little C12A7,C2AS and micro MA and CaO,TiO2, Fe2O3.  There are different methods making high alumina cement from bauxite and limestone, such as by rotary kiln, electric arc furnace melting ,  reverberatory melting . The one by rotary kiln is more popular inChina as its lower energy consumption.
II Characters of High Alumina Refractory Cement

The most prominent character is its strength can grow to be the highest level in fast speed almost within 24h. High alumina refractory cement can be divided into grades of 425, 525,625,725. The grade marks mean its 3 days cold crushing strength should be higher than that.

Another character is that the high alumina refractory cement can be hardening well in low temperature condition[5-10℃] , while its strength will drop down sharply when the maintenance temperature is higher than 30 ℃, so the working temperature of high alumina cement must be lower than 30℃

III Application

As high alumina cement has the characters of fast hardening and ultra-rapid strength development.  After 1920s, high alumina cement are used more and more on the civil and industrial buildings constructions. Besides, as high alumina cement has good performance under high temperature condition, it is widely application in the high temperature industry.  In refractory industry, it is proper to be used as a binder  for dense, middle and light monolithic refractory, such as the castable refractory, refractory plastic, refractory motar, refractory gunning and so on. As per the different strength design for the refractory unshaped products, accordingly different grades high alumina refractory cement and aggregate will be used to make different grade monolithic refractory which can be used under 1400℃.

As the monolithic refractory are more and more widely used in the furnace lining of foundry industry, cement, petrochemical and power industries these years, high alumina refractory cement application grows with a high speed.

* In construction concretes, rapid strength development is achieved , even at low temperatures.
* In construction concretes, high chemical resistance is possible.
* In refractory concretes, strength is maintained at high temperatures.

NRCL Related Product Grades:
CA-50-G6 | .CA-50-G7 | CA-50-G9 | CA-50-Fused | CA-40-Fused |.CA-70 | CA-75  | CA-80
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