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Send Email Now North Refractories Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Insulating Firebricks and ranges of high temperature Insulating Fire Brick (IFB) with a application temperatures from 2,300°F(1,260°C) to 3,200°F(1,760°C). NRCL produce typical grade bricks and meanwhile accept orders for specific thermal and physical requirements.

Made from high purity refractory clay and other ceramic raw materials by mixing, press-forming, drying, sintering and machining. The Insulating Firebricks contain carefully-graded organic fillers  which are burned out during sintering to give a uniform controllable pore structure.This technique makes product feature low thermal conductivity and excellent heat insulation.

Insulating firebrick can be applied as a hot face lining directly exposed to the heat or as a backup insulation layer in iron and steel mills, non ferrous foundries, petrochemical, ceramic, glass, cement and oil fired electric power generating plants constructions.

Insulating Firebrick Advantages

Low Thermal Conductivity
The light weight and low thermal conductivity of NR IFB make it possible more thinner furnace walls in constructions, more efficient and lower cost with energy saved.

High Strength
The high compression strength of NR IFB maintains a self-supporting stable structures at elevated temperatures. IFB could be used together with dense fire bricks to improve the strength of whole construction.

Low Heat Storage
Low heat storage results in a more fewer fuels will be used during a rapid cooling and heating operation than the dense bricks.

High thermal shock resistance
NR IFB has a good performance in preventing spilling which is adversely for the life span of furnace linings.

High Purity
NR IFB is low in impurities and because of this they will enhance the refractory performance in many furnace constructions with a controlled atmosphere.

Precise Dimensions
NR Insulating Fire Brick are machined to precise dimensions which could make the refractory linings more quickly, exactly and easily , the more precise the less heat loss through the joints.

IFB Brick General Applications

NR IFB is recommended to use as primary hot face refractory linings or as the back-up insulation behind other dense refractory materials layer in furnaces, flues, kilns and similar high temperature industrial facility.

Standard Size:       230 X 114 X 64 MM   OR  230 X  114 X76 MM
Temperature Grade:   2300F, 2600F, 2800F,  3000F, 3200F
Special dimension, custom cutting service is available.

IFB Quality Manage and Service Endurance

ISO Certified – Our insulating firebricks are certified.
Quality – Each production lot is evaluated by an independent laboratory prior to shipment.
Precise Dimensions – Our insulating firebricks are made within tolerance for fast and efficient installation.
Stock Availability – We stock most grades and straights most often.
Emergency Service – We are fully equipped to provide machining services for emergency orders.


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