Kaowool is Morgan Thermal Ceramics’ ceramic fiber products brand,  Cerablanket and Superwool Insulations are familar names to peoples.  While Unifrax is another famous producer with its brand of Insulfrax blanket. For many years, these two companies offer the most quantity of ceramic fiber blankets over the world. However along with China manufacturing industry developing, they are facing large competitions from many Chinese local manufactuers, althrough they both set branch factory in China, their cost is higher, and nowerdays more and more furnace construction projects start to purchase ceramic fiber blankets made in China, which is with a better price and good qualtity too. North Refractories Co.Ltd is one of the pioneers and members on developping ceramic fiber products insulation technology in China. Now the products ranges from ceramic fiber blankets to ceramic fiber papers, refractory bricks, castable refractory and more.

If you would like to save money on purchasing same quality ceramic fiber insulation products with Kaowool or Insfrax Wool or  If you would like to get any avice for your furnace insulation materials solution, please contact us at   sales@northrefractories.com