Calcium Silicate Insulation Board

Calcium Silicate Insulation Board is an insulation material molded by reacting calcium silicate powder with high-pressure heat, and mixing it with inorganic fiber. It is a non-asbestos, high performance insulating material designed to provide excellent thermal insulation and heat resistance for piping and equipment in power station, steel mill and petrochemical industries as well as other various fields. It can also be specified to use in furnace as backing material of refractory bricks. Three Grades :650C &  1000C & 1100C

Ceramic Fiber Insulation Board

Ceramic fiber insulation board includes a wide ranges, the classification temperature ranges from 1260°C to 1700°C, the density can be   from 250 – 500 kg/m3, it depends on the cold strength & thermal conductivity characters requested. General sizes are 1000 x 500 x (5-100)mm, 900 x 600 x (5-100)mm, we can make as per customized specification and sizes.

Glass Wool Insulation Board

The centrifugal glass wool board is a plate product with a certain intensity manufatured after solidification handing and it can keep an excellent performance of heat insulation and thermal insulation whether it is under the high temperature or low temperature environment.General specifications: density:  24-96kg/m3  thickness:25-100mm length:1200-2400mm width:600-1200mm

Rock Wool Insulation Board

NRCL®  rock mineral wool slab products offer a wide range of benefits, and can be used in an equally wide range of applications
NRCL®  rock mineral wool slabs offer exceptional fire performance characteristics, as well as excellent thermal and acoustic properties.
NRCL® products further improve upon the benefits of slabs by being scientifically designed and manufactured to provide a very high level of compression resistance

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