What is Ceramic fiber  and what property they have ?

Overview :  Ceramic fiber blankets are made through process of pricking, heat-shaping, cutting and rolling.  The products have high quality of tensile strength, texture uniformity and plane surface, high temperature, chemical corrosion resistance, thermal shock stability and low thermal conductivity. They have low density, good resiliency and excellent sound absorbing and filtering property.

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Ceramic fiber is a white, odorless manufactured products which could resist temperatures of up to 2,300 ?.  Ceramic fiber is often used as insulation in industrial furnaces or projects inners that are exposed to or create intense heat, largely replacing asbestos, bricks and concrete as insulation materials. Ceramic fiber products containing ceramic fiber are often made in factories with special industrial machines and then make them many kinds of shapes to carry on their functions.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Ceramic fiber blankets are finely woven from ceramic fiber yarn. The cloth may be reinforced with fiberglass and steel wire. Ceramic fiber blankets can be used for insulation under extreme heat (2,300 degrees F) and are often used for safety or welding blankets, curtains, pipe wrapping, gaskets and shields. Ceramic fiber blankets are often used in shipyards, steel mills and refineries.

Ceramic Fiber Rope

There are three styles of ceramic fiber rope: twisted, round and square braided. Twisted rope is a soft rope while the latter two are denser. Because of its ability to handle high temperatures without melting or igniting, ceramic fiber rope is often used to caulk and seal oven doors and in furnaces and boilers

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